Words That Start With the Letter G and Activities for Kindergarten

The letter g can sometimes be tricky for beginner readers since it is one of the consonants that makes two different sounds. The hard sound, or /g/, is heard in words like girl, bag, or groggy. The soft sound, or /j/, is heard in words like Germany, mangy, and edge. These letter sounds may initially […]

Activities for Teaching Five and Ten Frames in Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten is a crucial time to help young children develop important math skills like number sense. Using five and ten frames is a great way to help students master this skill. These hands-on math tools allow students to visualize the number, helping them grasp a deeper conceptual understanding instead of just memorizing math facts. There […]

Activities and Worksheets About Letter G Words for Kids

When teaching the alphabet to young children, some letters are trickier than others. For example, the letter “G” can be challenging. It can make a soft sound, as in the word “gentle,” or a hard sound, as in the word “girl.” Fortunately, there are some great resources to help kids learn the difference. One helpful […]

22 Inspiring Albert Einstein Classroom Quotes to Encourage your Kindergarten Students

22 Einstein Classroom Quotes

Starting kindergarten can be a scary thing. For many students, this will be their first time attending elementary school. Kindergarteners may need extra encouragement to feel comfortable and welcome in the kindergarten classroom. If you’re looking for a few words of encouragement to share with your kindergarten students throughout the year, you may be looking […]