15 High Frequency Word (Sight Words) Games for Small Groups

High-frequency words, sometimes called sight words, are crucial in helping emerging readers, like kindergarteners, first graders, and other young learners, become more fluent readers. Whether you are looking for fun sight word activities for the classroom or at home, these fun games will help in learning sight words, build fluency, and engage learners! What are […]

Activities for Teaching Soft G Sounds in Kindergarten

The soft g sound is typically more challenging for students to learn than the hard g sound. The hard sound generally is taught first because it is much more commonly found in words. However, it eventually becomes necessary for young children to learn the soft sound as well. If you are preparing to teach the […]

Words That Start With the Letter G and Activities for Kindergarten

The letter g can sometimes be tricky for beginner readers since it is one of the consonants that makes two different sounds. The hard sound, or /g/, is heard in words like girl, bag, or groggy. The soft sound, or /j/, is heard in words like Germany, mangy, and edge. These letter sounds may initially […]

Activities for Teaching Five and Ten Frames in Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten is a crucial time to help young children develop important math skills like number sense. Using five and ten frames is a great way to help students master this skill. These hands-on math tools allow students to visualize the number, helping them grasp a deeper conceptual understanding instead of just memorizing math facts. There […]