Activities for Teaching Five and Ten Frames in Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten is a crucial time to help young children develop important math skills like number sense. Using five and ten frames is a great way to help students master this skill. These hands-on math tools allow students to visualize the number, helping them grasp a deeper conceptual understanding instead of just memorizing math facts. There […]

15 1st Grade Common Core Geometry Activities

1st Grade Geometry Activities

First-grade students come from Kindergarten having learned basic shapes and geometry vocabulary. They will be ready to build upon those skills to continue to grow their geometry common core state standards expectations! Before promoting to second grade, first graders must understand how to work with composite shapes, geometric shapes, three-dimensional shapes, two-dimensional shapes, and partitioning […]

1st Grade Common Core Addition and Subtraction Ideas

1st Grade Common Core Addition and Subtraction Ideas

The common core standards for first graders cover a variety of math skills, everything from geometric shapes and partitions of circles to algebraic thinking and length measurement of an object. One significant part of the 1st-grade standards is addition and subtraction strategies. These strategies use place value and are based on the relationship between addition […]