Activities for Teaching Soft G Sounds in Kindergarten

The soft g sound is typically more challenging for students to learn than the hard g sound. The hard sound generally is taught first because it is much more commonly found in words. However, it eventually becomes necessary for young children to learn the soft sound as well. If you are preparing to teach the […]

Words That Start With the Letter G and Activities for Kindergarten

The letter g can sometimes be tricky for beginner readers since it is one of the consonants that makes two different sounds. The hard sound, or /g/, is heard in words like girl, bag, or groggy. The soft sound, or /j/, is heard in words like Germany, mangy, and edge. These letter sounds may initially […]

Kindergarten Word Families, Sight Words, and Reading

Kindergarten students are lovely to teach for many reasons, but it is incredibly awesome to see the growth in the early readers! It is like Kindergarten magic! With many months of consistent and purposeful practice, that magic shines through! One of the most effective ways to build reading in the early years is to teach […]